Hayat Tamboli

I craft experiences to elevate your product to a new level

Selected projects


March 2021 ✦ Designathon

Designed a product experience for pharmacist to keep an easy check of the medicine inventory and also speed up the process of managing it.

Case Study
Almost done


September 2022 ✦ Hackathon

Designed a product that would help Vendors working in Mi Stores 🏪 to easily create bills 💵, check their sales history and view their analytics , i.e. a useful and usable POS software.

Case Study
Work in progress


May 2021 - Jan 2022 ✦ Product Design Internship

Worked on designing the landing page and created the design system for a product which aims to test your skills and give you constructive results which will help you build your skills.

Case Study
Work in progress


Jan 2021 - Jan 2022 ✦ Design Head

Headed a team of some amazing graphic designers here, but this case study is about the redesign of the landing page of C.U.B.E. which I did during the winter of 2021.

Case Study
Work in progress

Ciro SRM

Oct 2020 - Mar 2021 ✦ Freelance UX designer and developer

This case study is about how I designed and engineered the feature of giving feedback though scorecards in a SRM ( Supplier Relationship Management ) platform.

Case Study